About us - 關於我們

<黄万里研究基金> 2008年2月27日在美京大华府地区成立.
<黄万里研究基金> 是一个非营利性机构.
它致力於研究黄万里教授的一生: 他所处的家庭,学校及社会;
它致力於发现, 收集, 整理, 编辑, 出版和研究黄万里教授的著作;

‘Huang Wanli Study Fund’ was established in Washington D.C., U.S.A. on February 27, 2008.
‘Huang Wanli Study Fund’ is a non-profit organization.
It is dedicated to studying the life of Prof. Huang Wanli—his family, education and society;
It is dedicated to discovering, gathering, arranging, compiling, researching and publishing Prof. Huang Wanli’s works;
It is dedicated to transmitting Prof. Huang Wanli’s literacy works and technological treatises;
It is dedicated to carrying forward Prof. Huang Wanli’s humanistic feelings and his dedicated life for science and truth.